My name is Intan (HA! would love to hear how you pronounce it! just kidding)
I live in the capital city of Indonesia, called Jakarta. I'm a food enthusiast at all times, I daydream too much, sing randomly and have a flaming desire to travel.

The Wishing Dust is where my story in the daily life will be written. It's pretty much a ramble of things that makes me smile or think a little bit too much, also it's my way of capturing the moments that once gets by, I will never get back again. If you find some errors on the way I use English (but who the hell cares about grammar these days? lol :P) that's because my first language is not English and on top of that I'm not a pro writer.

Leave some comment or get to me through anything if you just need someone (or you want to inform me about my grammar errors), I'm stronger than I look, I promise!

Thank you for stopping by!

With love,
 Intan Thalia