Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector

Hello there!

Yes I am back and I am soooo excited. I haven't got my camera back but I can't wait that long, I have this urge to write this down so, I used my webcam and photoscape.
First of all, I am so very sorry about the poor quality of the photo. I would change it when I got my camera back, promise.

Okay, so I have this Garnier  BB Miracle Skin Perfector. I have to warn you that, I bought this in Indonesia. I do believe there is kind of differences in every country and I don't why but it does, so if it doesn't apply to the Garnier that you have because you're not in Indonesia or didn't buy it here, I am so very sorry.

I have this kind of love and hate relationship with this one. Because as much as I have negative things to say about this, I used it everyday for several weeks. Mostly to test things out but also because it's simple and easy.

Okay so well for a start, I really don't know if it's really bb cream or it's just the name, it's a miracle skin perfector which would probably be a different cream or maybe a part of a bb cream, I am not sure. In the back though, it says All-in-1 Perfecting Cream Garnier BB moisturizer. So, it might be my brain being a tool that I don't really get this but I don't know I have never known a BB moisturizer before.

The bottle says, this cream claims to have SPF 21/ PA++ and formula to protect the skin from UVB and UVA rays.
Brighten skin, lightens dark spot and acne marks, moisturize skin, mattifies skin and absorbs oil, giving powder finish and evens out the skin tone.

There are more good things that this cream claims to have, which makes me wonder why I experience just a few little of it.

Starting with something I like about this cream, is that this cream has a fresh fragrance, lemon fresh kind of fragrance that making me love to just put in on my face, especially in the morning after shower. The cream is also so lightweight, and super easy to spread, which is a true thing written on the back of this bottle. I guess this is why I kinda love it even though I hate it (lol) is because this is the kind of cream consistency that I want for my everyday use. It takes literally two-three minutes to spread this on my face and blend it, it's so not time consuming, and I just need my finger for this and it's great to put on everyday basis because I just don't have much time sometimes. Also, It feels like I am not wearing anything at all, it's true that it is so lightweight and it does have a powdery finish which makes my face looks fresh. Plus I hope it's true about the SPF things. These all the pluses for me.

The nuh-uh things about this crem is that, it has no coverage whatsoever. I thought this is bb cream, which would probably would have low coverage but this is has very sheer to none coverage, well but if you see it just being a moisturizer or well a tinted moisturizer, maybe it will be acceptable. It doesn't even out my skin tone, not very longlasting, it will probably lasts for two-three hours max.

Alright the thing that I am most disappointed is the part where it says it mattifies skin and absorbs oil. It doesn't. I have a combination of oil and dry skin, on some days I am just oily. I hate to say but this is making me more oily for some reasons, I don't know why. I am guessing it's because I never ever put moisturizer that contains oil in it, just hydrating mineral stuff and this cream just can't hold the oil flow on my face and of course, it's being a moisturizer that is not water based. So I think it also explain my skin breaking out.

so yeah, I still use it sometimes on the days I really really super don't have time but I don't want to go bare face, also I could use the SPF, I definitely would go for this with powder and no my usual moisturizer because It could get really super oily. With powder though, it's still oily but not that bad.

one thing to remember, in Indonesia they don't have color for this. So it's kinda crazy and I thought it is way too light for me but when I blend it, it has no color whatsoever on me, I thought it just blends in very well and adjusting to my skin color but now I think that's not the case, it's just lack of pigmentation and coverage.

I actually have friend who loves this product to death, it is so cheap, crazy cheap and also works out great for her. She mostly has normal type of skin and also doesn't have anything to be covered. So maybe if you are that girl, you can go try this because you might love it.

But me, I won't purchase it again. On the website (USA one) they have one with water based formula so I might want to try that and also variation of this cream that might be more suitable for my skin.

So yeah, this is the first time of my post that I don't like the product more than I like it. I feel kinda terrible but this is how it works on me, it does work differently depending on people's skin, if you still want to try it, go ahead, it could be great for you.

SO that's all, I hope I have my camera soon! So I can post things that I am excited to share to you guys, alright see ya!
with love,
Intan Thalia

Monday, May 18, 2015


okay well it's been a really looong time, I know. It's almost crazy to be here and writing, when I look back to the last post that I posted. I never expected that I would stop writing back then but life happens and here I am.

For some of you that has been reading a few of my previous blog knows a little bit about what was going on. I was just graduating from highschool and quite busy with uni admission tests, trying to get into state uni and stuff. It was hectic and just basically tough times for me, it wasn't easy. It didn't go my way and I thought I was going to spend 4 years in a city that I'd hate just because I couldn't go where I want but finally I learned about acceptance and being thankful, which helps a lot just enjoying life and I wake up easier in the morning, with happiness going to school again finally, university classes, enjoying adapting to new friends and places which is not always a piece of cake but now I got a hang of it. It just helps me being more open person and happy and positive. And of course it has something to do with a guy, lol. kidding. not the guy part, he exists but it's not all about another person. It's about me finally living my life when it took the worst turn then it gets so much better.

so yeah that's in short what has been happening to me for almost a year not writing here. Uni is fine and fun now, I used to be in a bad place coming here but now everything is good and so much better. I love it, I love how much time that I got besides classes, I learned a lot not only textbooks wise but also you know how to handle life and just basically growing up, growing as a person and it's amazing. I am in a journey of finding myself and loving life. I know how crazy and cheesy that sounds but it's undeniable that this is true.

so yes, I am going to start writing about beauty stuff again, also maybe some interesting life stuff. I miss it, everytime I put on my make up or buying new stuff or even finding old stuff I wish I had the time to write on here.

Honestly though, even though I got so much time between classes. It's all hectic, there are so much going on. I know it's not an excuse and that's why I am going to start again. I was just having a rough time and now it's getting better and everything is good again, yes I needed some time to put things into perspective and now I have and I just want to write again. Yep, I don't need a reason and I probably don't have the obligation to explain myself but If you cared enough to read this, then I want to thank you and letting you know.

So I hope everyone is doing great, I don't know exactly when I am going to write again but I can promise you it's not going to be another year, hopefully. I need to get my camera back but when it's done, I'll be sure to post something up here.

see ya soon, guys!

with love,
Intan Thalia

Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: The Odbo BB Cream

Hello guys!
Now I am back with a beauty review. I know that I haven't posted as often as I wanted to, but life got in my way blablabla you know how it goes.
Today, I'm writing about korean beauty product that I've come to adore, I have two products of this brand but right now I'm just going to tell you about The Odbo BB Cream.

This is what I have been using for these days, it's hot outside or I'm just not going anywhere that requires me to get lots of make up on. This is what I'm putting on. 

First, the packaging, it doesn't come with a pump, you just have to push lightly to get it out, it's easy and well it can be messy at times but I don't mind anyway.

The things that I love about this BB Cream is the lightweight on the skin. I feel like I'm not wearing anything at all. Like it says on the package it leaves skin moist and radiant. It's definitely true. It doesn't feel sticky but you can feel your face is so hydrated, it's almost like putting on tinted moisturizer. It doesn't make your look skin oily or dry, it only leave a fresh look and a beautiful glow. The extracts are vegetables extracts and what I feel it does to my face when this is on or off my face is that it softens my skin, makes it smooth and firm and totally moisturized my whole face. 

I don't have any negative things to say about this, but if you are not a fan of sheer color and not so much pigmentation then this is not for you. I usually one who would go for the full coverage ones but the pigmentation of this BB cream in this case is a plus for me. It's so weird because it doesn't have a range of colors, it only has one shade. When I opened it and dotted one on my face I am like oh god this is way too light on me and then when I start blending it in which is super easy to blend in, the color just kind of blend with my own skin tone which is pretty amazing. So the result is just like exactly my skin tone but more even, refined and settle. I think you even can build the coverage up, if you want to but I think you can do with concealer and it just looks so natural and flawless.

It last throughout the day and the product doesn't just aim for those who has sensitive skin because I don't have a sensitive skin but if you do it says to provide protection, but I can't tell of that's true because I'm not experiencing it. Oh and this can be some sort of a primer if you will or skin corrector because it evens out the skin tone and make skin smooth and settle so after that you can apply your favorite foundation on top of this. 

There will be more of korean products review coming so stay tuned. Maybe you are interested in this, if you can't reach it on your country, there are several online shops that ship worldwide or you are in Korea or will be visiting soon, this can be a recommendation when you are out shopping. 

So this is it, I hope you have had a wonderful days this month. Tomorrow is a new month, starts with happiness and spirit, oh and I hate that I haven't come up yet with favorite of the month post but that will be on my list.

anyway, tell me what kind of korean beauty products have you tried or are you interested to try some?

see you guys soon!

with love,

Intan Thalia

Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: NYX Matte Lipstick and Extra Creamy Round Lipstick

Hello guys!
So... I made it out alive! haha I have done my universities admission tests and that was why I hardly post for this past week but now I'm back. I have to say I can only pray for it, after all it's all done, I had done my best so whatever the outcome, hopefully it's the best for me. 

Anyway, now I'm back with two of my new favorite NYX Lipsticks. These two has kind of an opposite characteristic, as the one is matte lipstick and the other is really creamy consistency. Let's just get the review started then.

NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS 10 Perfect Red is my favorite red lipstick for now. It is not that really bright red orange-ish neon like shade but this one is real classic red. It's so pigmented, love the pigmentation on this one, it even leave stains on the lips, so maybe after you eat or something this will still be on your lips and it lasts for hours. One thing to note, you need a mirror to apply this, I mean this is not the kind of lipsticks that easy to apply without looking into a mirror because it'll be messy haha so be careful and maybe you even need a lip liner but mirror is essential. As far as the packaging, perhaps because it's a matte lipstick so they make the packaging kind of matte too, which for me kind of make it look cheap (even though it is kind of cheap) for some reasons. The consistency is kind of like butter so it's matte but it's not drying! that's what I love the most about it. So for all you matte lipstick lovers, you need to try this one. These has, I think eleven different colors but from what I've heard about it, the nudes one isn't really likable while the darker ones are great. I don't know why it's different but for this particular one that I have, it's great for me. It's definitely a love it

The next one is NYX Lipstick in LSS529 Thalia. So okay, I bought this just a few days ago, because my friend is raving about how this is a great nude color for all skin tone. So, I'm like oh yeah I gotta try this. When I got up to the NYX counter the guy in the counter was like 'oh this is the new Thalia, because we are out of the old ones, this one is more pinkish than the old ones' but I bought it anyway and so I found out that Thalia is is NYX range of extra creamy round lipstick lines. So well firt, I'm not fond of the smell of this but other than I'm totally loving this. When I first tried it, it's like really pale on me, like pale whitey pink with purple undertone maybe. The color grows on me though so I'm diggin it right now, but I also found that this can be a base for another lipstick. It soften your darker lipstick and bring out the color. So this can be used alone or mixed with others. The consistency is really creamy and moisturizing and what I find mostly with these kind of lipstick is they only have sheer pigmentation but this has amazing pigmentation and you totally don't need lipgloss over this. When I use this, the product really melts to my lips but sometimes though I feel like it doesn't really set on my lips, only to the surface but it doesn't really annoy me. This lasts probably 3-4 hours, not that great. As far as the color I'm a sucker for it and not to mention the name of it! haha. It's not a must have but if you're looking for a creamy lipstick and nude color, you can try this. This  is a like it for me

So that's it for today guys. What's your favorite matte or super moisturizing Lipsticks? Let me know for suggestions! 
I'll see ya soon guys

With love,

Intan Thalia

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Scents: Burberry Summer and Nina Ricci Premier Jour

Hello there! 
Summer is nearly here or well might as well here already and I got two of my favorite perfumes to tell about, which I think is perfect for summer.
I was going to tell you about only one of them, but I love these two equally and it's a tie for me. These two are my champions. As you can see they are all severely used, you can see only a little of them left in the each bottles, it's because I love them so much and I have been using them for the entire year or even more and now I have to plan for repurchasing them. Hopefully they are available in Indonesia because I got them both in France :(

Anyway, let me start off with Burberry Summer for Woman, yes they have the other one for men which packaged in a blue bottle, I bought it for my brother but I never actually asked how it smells like. I have to say that I love the pink bottle, pink always catch my eyes but this one is really like a soft pink and almost transparent on the top, it is a huge bottle though but not really a fat bottle just so wide. Same with the color, I think the smell of this is really soft, there is no strong alcohol smell on it, it's so natural. This one also has floral scent to it mostly like lilly and freesia even rose, but there is some citrus in it too and a bit fruity which I can't really tell what but it's what makes this perfume smells so fresh. This really won't make you feel overwhelmed or sick by the smell, it's completely light. You can wear this to anywhere. Although I have to say that it doesn't stay as long as I want it to be, well maybe like 6 hours tops but I don't mind spraying in every now and then. I think it really suits the scene during the summer day out or date, maybe pair this with a cute sun dress and boots. So this perfume really lives the name of it. It's a definitely must have summer perfume.

The other is Nina Ricci Premier Jour and I can't tell you how much I love this perfume. Once I got a little smell of this, I  knew I had to have this. It's been my favorite ever since. I can smell sweetness in it, like vanilla and also it's pretty floraly, I smell sweet pea and orchid , I also can smell kind of sensual with the woody-musky smell to it. This one is pretty strong like I don't need much using this and it lasts for hours. The bottle is a really cute and unique form. So if the Burberry one is so great for daily basic use for summer days, this will go for summer nights. This also will do for evening formal occasions (summer or not) It smells so womanly, just elegant and expensive. If I could describe this like a person this would be a sexy, beautiful, confident woman without make up. It's pretty so effortlessly. So yes, I highly recommend this because it won't disappoint you in anyway.

By the way I'm also submitting this post to enter a competition held by Amara so wish me luck!

until next time guys,
with love,

Intan Thalia

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Snail Mails!

Hello guys, so I guess since I'm going to a shopping spree later on, I would save the beauty post after this one or something haha

But now, I want to share something of me. This is something that I love to do other than blogging and writing. It's kind of sad that I haven't been doing this for like nine months or so, and I miss it a lot.

So, one of my passion is to travel the world and unfortunately I don't travel as much as I want to. I didn't know how I stumbled upon this site the first time, but it's called Postcrossing. It's a project to allow anyone to send and receive postcards from random places around the world. You have to sign up first, it's free and the confidentiality of your address is trustable. So you don't have to be scared about getting stalkers from all around the world ha! oh and these are a few of my fave postcards!

It's really fun because everything nowadays seems to be solvable with electronic and internet. There's email for mailing, e-book for actual books, smartphones... stuff like those, you get it. It's just nice that I can get something in the mail, from across the world, a real thing that I can keep.

So when I was moved past that with bunch of postcards in my room,  I had an idea to send letters to people and be friends with them like having a penpal from around the world. I just thought it'd be awesome. So I had an idea to go on tumblr searched the "snail mail" tag and there are actually bunch of tumblrs to help you find penpals or even people offering to send you letters in the tag.

So well, I've been doing it for a while with several kind of people from all around the world. I have letters from UK, USA, Russia, Spain, Italy, Austalia, France, Portugal and a few more countries that I can't remember and don't know how to spell. 

I'd say though keeping a penpal can be really difficult sometimes, but then it goes both way, so if it fails , sometimes it's you or them stop writing. I love getting to know these people and sharing about random things and cultures, it's refreshing!

People are so nice that they slip things with the mail, and I've loved every single of it! I usually slip candies and local money for their collection! haha 

So there are a few of the things I got, comic in spanish, a handmade envelope and christmas cards, some drawing, long letters, cute cards, photos, stickers even tea!! I love getting tea from all over the world!

It gets me really excited getting something in the mail just like I'm waiting to open presents on christmas morning. It's not instant so patience is needed, but when it's arrived gosh it's so worth it. To make it more interesting, you don't know what you get, things or the handwriting and stuff, oh and stamps!!

So that's it guys! oh also, I have lots of postcards that are waiting to be sent, just reach me out if ya want it, I'll be happy to send you and slipping a lil goodie! by the way, What other things that you love to do other than blogging? Let me know! 

ps: I just put on google connect widget, if you follow me, let me know and I'd follow you back!! :)

Until next time guys :)

with love,

Intan Thalia

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo

Hello guys!
How are you? I'm doing good. A little update of my life, I have an admission test for universities in five days, I know I should be hitting the books but I'm human... 
So well instead of drowning myself in a pile of books I decide to do another review, just because I love it! can't say the same about this product though - wait, I don't hate it! If the rating are: hate it, so-so, like it, and love it. This one is a like it! Oh and if you noticed that I have never reviewed things that i don't like, it's because things that I have right now are so lovable. I don't know why I haven't found something that I hate yet but I'll let you know if I ever did! Even though I can't imagine writing a really horrifying blog post on a product (maybe the day will come, but eh..).

So back to this one!
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr by Eyestudio is my first ever gel cream eyeshadow and I actually have heard great things about this, and it is great. This one I have is in the color 35-on and on bronze. I actually was in a hurry when I was purchasing this, I just thought oh it's a brown or bronze color is so pretty but I didn't realize that it's kind of bronze metallic. So it's just kind of glittery. I was disappointed at first because I was kind of expecting a matte color but as I go along it's actually really pretty. 

I kind of start loving this, it's like really easy to put on, it's so pigmented. I actually would say it is not creamy at all, it's kind of solid, so I would use my finger to press onto the product and swipe it a little so the product will melt to the skin of my finger and then swipe it on the lid of my eyes. As simple as that, no need brush (well if you want to use it, that's fine too..), it can go alone like that or it can be as a base, then you can pick a matte eyeshadow over this, it's really beautiful and yes it last like a tattoo (lol not really..) I mean like really looong time, so it's a really perfect one to wear for a party when you're gonna be dancing or formal stuff because it won't crease, it'll be perfect all day and all night. Here! check out the swatch of this product!

There are bunch of colors to pick also they do have the matte ones! I just took the wrong thing. So watch for this next time you go on to the maybelline counter. This has been in the store for a while so if you haven't got your hand on this I suggest to try it.

So it's the review for today! let me know if you have these, what do you think, especially if you've tried to matte ones, I want to know! Or if you have another gel or cream eyeshadows another than this, tell me so I can check it out!

Until later guys!

With love,

Intan Thalia