Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector

Hello there!

Yes I am back and I am soooo excited. I haven't got my camera back but I can't wait that long, I have this urge to write this down so, I used my webcam and photoscape.
First of all, I am so very sorry about the poor quality of the photo. I would change it when I got my camera back, promise.

Okay, so I have this Garnier  BB Miracle Skin Perfector. I have to warn you that, I bought this in Indonesia. I do believe there is kind of differences in every country and I don't why but it does, so if it doesn't apply to the Garnier that you have because you're not in Indonesia or didn't buy it here, I am so very sorry.

I have this kind of love and hate relationship with this one. Because as much as I have negative things to say about this, I used it everyday for several weeks. Mostly to test things out but also because it's simple and easy.

Okay so well for a start, I really don't know if it's really bb cream or it's just the name, it's a miracle skin perfector which would probably be a different cream or maybe a part of a bb cream, I am not sure. In the back though, it says All-in-1 Perfecting Cream Garnier BB moisturizer. So, it might be my brain being a tool that I don't really get this but I don't know I have never known a BB moisturizer before.

The bottle says, this cream claims to have SPF 21/ PA++ and formula to protect the skin from UVB and UVA rays.
Brighten skin, lightens dark spot and acne marks, moisturize skin, mattifies skin and absorbs oil, giving powder finish and evens out the skin tone.

There are more good things that this cream claims to have, which makes me wonder why I experience just a few little of it.

Starting with something I like about this cream, is that this cream has a fresh fragrance, lemon fresh kind of fragrance that making me love to just put in on my face, especially in the morning after shower. The cream is also so lightweight, and super easy to spread, which is a true thing written on the back of this bottle. I guess this is why I kinda love it even though I hate it (lol) is because this is the kind of cream consistency that I want for my everyday use. It takes literally two-three minutes to spread this on my face and blend it, it's so not time consuming, and I just need my finger for this and it's great to put on everyday basis because I just don't have much time sometimes. Also, It feels like I am not wearing anything at all, it's true that it is so lightweight and it does have a powdery finish which makes my face looks fresh. Plus I hope it's true about the SPF things. These all the pluses for me.

The nuh-uh things about this crem is that, it has no coverage whatsoever. I thought this is bb cream, which would probably would have low coverage but this is has very sheer to none coverage, well but if you see it just being a moisturizer or well a tinted moisturizer, maybe it will be acceptable. It doesn't even out my skin tone, not very longlasting, it will probably lasts for two-three hours max.

Alright the thing that I am most disappointed is the part where it says it mattifies skin and absorbs oil. It doesn't. I have a combination of oil and dry skin, on some days I am just oily. I hate to say but this is making me more oily for some reasons, I don't know why. I am guessing it's because I never ever put moisturizer that contains oil in it, just hydrating mineral stuff and this cream just can't hold the oil flow on my face and of course, it's being a moisturizer that is not water based. So I think it also explain my skin breaking out.

so yeah, I still use it sometimes on the days I really really super don't have time but I don't want to go bare face, also I could use the SPF, I definitely would go for this with powder and no my usual moisturizer because It could get really super oily. With powder though, it's still oily but not that bad.

one thing to remember, in Indonesia they don't have color for this. So it's kinda crazy and I thought it is way too light for me but when I blend it, it has no color whatsoever on me, I thought it just blends in very well and adjusting to my skin color but now I think that's not the case, it's just lack of pigmentation and coverage.

I actually have friend who loves this product to death, it is so cheap, crazy cheap and also works out great for her. She mostly has normal type of skin and also doesn't have anything to be covered. So maybe if you are that girl, you can go try this because you might love it.

But me, I won't purchase it again. On the website (USA one) they have one with water based formula so I might want to try that and also variation of this cream that might be more suitable for my skin.

So yeah, this is the first time of my post that I don't like the product more than I like it. I feel kinda terrible but this is how it works on me, it does work differently depending on people's skin, if you still want to try it, go ahead, it could be great for you.

SO that's all, I hope I have my camera soon! So I can post things that I am excited to share to you guys, alright see ya!
with love,
Intan Thalia

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