Monday, May 18, 2015


okay well it's been a really looong time, I know. It's almost crazy to be here and writing, when I look back to the last post that I posted. I never expected that I would stop writing back then but life happens and here I am.

For some of you that has been reading a few of my previous blog knows a little bit about what was going on. I was just graduating from highschool and quite busy with uni admission tests, trying to get into state uni and stuff. It was hectic and just basically tough times for me, it wasn't easy. It didn't go my way and I thought I was going to spend 4 years in a city that I'd hate just because I couldn't go where I want but finally I learned about acceptance and being thankful, which helps a lot just enjoying life and I wake up easier in the morning, with happiness going to school again finally, university classes, enjoying adapting to new friends and places which is not always a piece of cake but now I got a hang of it. It just helps me being more open person and happy and positive. And of course it has something to do with a guy, lol. kidding. not the guy part, he exists but it's not all about another person. It's about me finally living my life when it took the worst turn then it gets so much better.

so yeah that's in short what has been happening to me for almost a year not writing here. Uni is fine and fun now, I used to be in a bad place coming here but now everything is good and so much better. I love it, I love how much time that I got besides classes, I learned a lot not only textbooks wise but also you know how to handle life and just basically growing up, growing as a person and it's amazing. I am in a journey of finding myself and loving life. I know how crazy and cheesy that sounds but it's undeniable that this is true.

so yes, I am going to start writing about beauty stuff again, also maybe some interesting life stuff. I miss it, everytime I put on my make up or buying new stuff or even finding old stuff I wish I had the time to write on here.

Honestly though, even though I got so much time between classes. It's all hectic, there are so much going on. I know it's not an excuse and that's why I am going to start again. I was just having a rough time and now it's getting better and everything is good again, yes I needed some time to put things into perspective and now I have and I just want to write again. Yep, I don't need a reason and I probably don't have the obligation to explain myself but If you cared enough to read this, then I want to thank you and letting you know.

So I hope everyone is doing great, I don't know exactly when I am going to write again but I can promise you it's not going to be another year, hopefully. I need to get my camera back but when it's done, I'll be sure to post something up here.

see ya soon, guys!

with love,
Intan Thalia

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