Sunday, June 15, 2014

Snail Mails!

Hello guys, so I guess since I'm going to a shopping spree later on, I would save the beauty post after this one or something haha

But now, I want to share something of me. This is something that I love to do other than blogging and writing. It's kind of sad that I haven't been doing this for like nine months or so, and I miss it a lot.

So, one of my passion is to travel the world and unfortunately I don't travel as much as I want to. I didn't know how I stumbled upon this site the first time, but it's called Postcrossing. It's a project to allow anyone to send and receive postcards from random places around the world. You have to sign up first, it's free and the confidentiality of your address is trustable. So you don't have to be scared about getting stalkers from all around the world ha! oh and these are a few of my fave postcards!

It's really fun because everything nowadays seems to be solvable with electronic and internet. There's email for mailing, e-book for actual books, smartphones... stuff like those, you get it. It's just nice that I can get something in the mail, from across the world, a real thing that I can keep.

So when I was moved past that with bunch of postcards in my room,  I had an idea to send letters to people and be friends with them like having a penpal from around the world. I just thought it'd be awesome. So I had an idea to go on tumblr searched the "snail mail" tag and there are actually bunch of tumblrs to help you find penpals or even people offering to send you letters in the tag.

So well, I've been doing it for a while with several kind of people from all around the world. I have letters from UK, USA, Russia, Spain, Italy, Austalia, France, Portugal and a few more countries that I can't remember and don't know how to spell. 

I'd say though keeping a penpal can be really difficult sometimes, but then it goes both way, so if it fails , sometimes it's you or them stop writing. I love getting to know these people and sharing about random things and cultures, it's refreshing!

People are so nice that they slip things with the mail, and I've loved every single of it! I usually slip candies and local money for their collection! haha 

So there are a few of the things I got, comic in spanish, a handmade envelope and christmas cards, some drawing, long letters, cute cards, photos, stickers even tea!! I love getting tea from all over the world!

It gets me really excited getting something in the mail just like I'm waiting to open presents on christmas morning. It's not instant so patience is needed, but when it's arrived gosh it's so worth it. To make it more interesting, you don't know what you get, things or the handwriting and stuff, oh and stamps!!

So that's it guys! oh also, I have lots of postcards that are waiting to be sent, just reach me out if ya want it, I'll be happy to send you and slipping a lil goodie! by the way, What other things that you love to do other than blogging? Let me know! 

ps: I just put on google connect widget, if you follow me, let me know and I'd follow you back!! :)

Until next time guys :)

with love,

Intan Thalia


  1. What a brilliant idea, that looks so much fun and I agree with what you say- life is all based around the internet! xx

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. It really is fun, maybe you should try it sometime! :) xx

  2. This is such a cute idea! It must be so nice to get postcards all the time :) xx

    ☾ ☾

    1. they are all nice postcards, I love em!! xx

  3. So cute! I wish more people wrote letters and sent postcards. It's more personal, I think :)

    Aissa || Aissa Carmela

  4. That's such an amazing idea! :-) There is literally nothing better than getting post, I love it! I'm signing up right now, thank you for writing about it, I never knew anything like it existed! I'd love to travel and I have a bucket list of all the countries I want to visit, but haven't actually been abroad yet :-( I guess now I'm older though the world is my oyster! Love your blog! :-) xx