Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Scents: Burberry Summer and Nina Ricci Premier Jour

Hello there! 
Summer is nearly here or well might as well here already and I got two of my favorite perfumes to tell about, which I think is perfect for summer.
I was going to tell you about only one of them, but I love these two equally and it's a tie for me. These two are my champions. As you can see they are all severely used, you can see only a little of them left in the each bottles, it's because I love them so much and I have been using them for the entire year or even more and now I have to plan for repurchasing them. Hopefully they are available in Indonesia because I got them both in France :(

Anyway, let me start off with Burberry Summer for Woman, yes they have the other one for men which packaged in a blue bottle, I bought it for my brother but I never actually asked how it smells like. I have to say that I love the pink bottle, pink always catch my eyes but this one is really like a soft pink and almost transparent on the top, it is a huge bottle though but not really a fat bottle just so wide. Same with the color, I think the smell of this is really soft, there is no strong alcohol smell on it, it's so natural. This one also has floral scent to it mostly like lilly and freesia even rose, but there is some citrus in it too and a bit fruity which I can't really tell what but it's what makes this perfume smells so fresh. This really won't make you feel overwhelmed or sick by the smell, it's completely light. You can wear this to anywhere. Although I have to say that it doesn't stay as long as I want it to be, well maybe like 6 hours tops but I don't mind spraying in every now and then. I think it really suits the scene during the summer day out or date, maybe pair this with a cute sun dress and boots. So this perfume really lives the name of it. It's a definitely must have summer perfume.

The other is Nina Ricci Premier Jour and I can't tell you how much I love this perfume. Once I got a little smell of this, I  knew I had to have this. It's been my favorite ever since. I can smell sweetness in it, like vanilla and also it's pretty floraly, I smell sweet pea and orchid , I also can smell kind of sensual with the woody-musky smell to it. This one is pretty strong like I don't need much using this and it lasts for hours. The bottle is a really cute and unique form. So if the Burberry one is so great for daily basic use for summer days, this will go for summer nights. This also will do for evening formal occasions (summer or not) It smells so womanly, just elegant and expensive. If I could describe this like a person this would be a sexy, beautiful, confident woman without make up. It's pretty so effortlessly. So yes, I highly recommend this because it won't disappoint you in anyway.

By the way I'm also submitting this post to enter a competition held by Amara so wish me luck!

until next time guys,
with love,

Intan Thalia


  1. Good luck with the competition :)
    I love really fresh perfumes with citrus and cucumber tones.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. Thank you! yeah fresh perfumes are the best! haha

  2. I love perfume! It's such a nice girly thing to have :) x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  3. I love perfume, my favorite bottles are practically empty too! Good luck in the competition :)


    1. Thank you!! yeah haha need new ones! xx

  4. The bottle looks gorgeous & unique-!**