Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: NYX Matte Lipstick and Extra Creamy Round Lipstick

Hello guys!
So... I made it out alive! haha I have done my universities admission tests and that was why I hardly post for this past week but now I'm back. I have to say I can only pray for it, after all it's all done, I had done my best so whatever the outcome, hopefully it's the best for me. 

Anyway, now I'm back with two of my new favorite NYX Lipsticks. These two has kind of an opposite characteristic, as the one is matte lipstick and the other is really creamy consistency. Let's just get the review started then.

NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS 10 Perfect Red is my favorite red lipstick for now. It is not that really bright red orange-ish neon like shade but this one is real classic red. It's so pigmented, love the pigmentation on this one, it even leave stains on the lips, so maybe after you eat or something this will still be on your lips and it lasts for hours. One thing to note, you need a mirror to apply this, I mean this is not the kind of lipsticks that easy to apply without looking into a mirror because it'll be messy haha so be careful and maybe you even need a lip liner but mirror is essential. As far as the packaging, perhaps because it's a matte lipstick so they make the packaging kind of matte too, which for me kind of make it look cheap (even though it is kind of cheap) for some reasons. The consistency is kind of like butter so it's matte but it's not drying! that's what I love the most about it. So for all you matte lipstick lovers, you need to try this one. These has, I think eleven different colors but from what I've heard about it, the nudes one isn't really likable while the darker ones are great. I don't know why it's different but for this particular one that I have, it's great for me. It's definitely a love it

The next one is NYX Lipstick in LSS529 Thalia. So okay, I bought this just a few days ago, because my friend is raving about how this is a great nude color for all skin tone. So, I'm like oh yeah I gotta try this. When I got up to the NYX counter the guy in the counter was like 'oh this is the new Thalia, because we are out of the old ones, this one is more pinkish than the old ones' but I bought it anyway and so I found out that Thalia is is NYX range of extra creamy round lipstick lines. So well firt, I'm not fond of the smell of this but other than I'm totally loving this. When I first tried it, it's like really pale on me, like pale whitey pink with purple undertone maybe. The color grows on me though so I'm diggin it right now, but I also found that this can be a base for another lipstick. It soften your darker lipstick and bring out the color. So this can be used alone or mixed with others. The consistency is really creamy and moisturizing and what I find mostly with these kind of lipstick is they only have sheer pigmentation but this has amazing pigmentation and you totally don't need lipgloss over this. When I use this, the product really melts to my lips but sometimes though I feel like it doesn't really set on my lips, only to the surface but it doesn't really annoy me. This lasts probably 3-4 hours, not that great. As far as the color I'm a sucker for it and not to mention the name of it! haha. It's not a must have but if you're looking for a creamy lipstick and nude color, you can try this. This  is a like it for me

So that's it for today guys. What's your favorite matte or super moisturizing Lipsticks? Let me know for suggestions! 
I'll see ya soon guys

With love,

Intan Thalia


  1. I love the red lipstick it is amazing.
    For summer, I like something a little more moisturising, so I like Baby Lips from Maybelline.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. Thank you so much Gems! I agree I love Baby Lips as well, it's so moisturizing! xx

  2. That perfect red one is lovely! I love a good red lipstick!
    Two Hearts One Roof

    1. I am diggin your blog! and thank you for commenting xx

  3. I love matte lipstick. Nice colour! Anyway, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! it’s made my day *big smile* ! I really like your blog! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know :) xx

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  4. Thank you so much! would love to do that of course :D xx

  5. I like Clinique different lipstick in sweet honey. My perfect nude!


  6. Love the red lipstick. Great review dear

    Lou of,

  7. I love the look of Thalia in the bullet, but I am always apprehensive about trying pale lipsticks as they're often near enough the colour of my skin. Perfect Red looks lovely though.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

    1. It is so pale! the red one is bold yeah haha xx thank you Sarah!