Saturday, May 3, 2014



And any other type of greetings in any kind of language (Please forgive me for my limited knowledge of greeting people in only three languages) because now I am welcoming you to my probably still all over the place blog. I would though work on it to make it more comfy for your eyes, I just need sometime.

Let me introduce you to the writer of the blog which is myself (ignore my self-centred way of doing this HA!) My name is Intan, which I would assume for probably a lot amount of people is kind of weird and actually don't really know how to pronounce it, which is fine, by the way, I get it. It's not that original or whatever, but it's more associated to where I come from, a country in Asia called Indonesia (if you know Bali and don't know where Indonesia is, you need to step up your geography knowledge dude). I live in the capital city of the country called Jakarta. I am doing nothing as for right now, I am done with high school, actually just like a month ago, I did my national exam so... well, graduation is like a month away from me now. I'll write about what I wanna do next later.

So yes, maybe you're right. I'm that naive girl, trying to figure out herself, the world, the dreams and all those cheesy things you can think of (maybe you'll hear a lot about those here in the future), I don't mind your judgment at all (unless I have a crush on you... then I'll slap myself on the face) but anyway, the reason (not that  owe you an explanation or that you give a damn about it) is just to you know..... write.

It might be the desire of my life, it might be not and not that I'm good at it or anything. Soooo.... I guess this is a terrible of introduction and first post haha, I don't know.
Anyway, I'm outta here fellas.

With Love,

Intan Thalia

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