Monday, June 9, 2014

Blogger Interview: This Hipster Writes

Hello guys! I've come back with something a little different... I came up with the idea of interviewing a blogger for once a month and this is going to be an annual thing. I've managed to contact one of my first bloggers that I follow, because I fell in love with her previous blog called "Little Vogue Book" which was a beauty and fashion blog, so when I sent her a list of questions she just told me that she has a new blog which is as awesome as the former one. So check my questions that Azia or Kat has kindly answered!

this hipster writes

Hi, Azia can you tell us a little about yourself?
Well I'm technically a freshman as ive graduated from eight grade #freshie. And I love to blog as you can see. My type of music would have to be rock/pop. Some of my fave artist are Evanescence, Icon For Hire, and Florrie.

When did you start blogging?
I've been blogging for like the longest. Maybe since 2011 but I've never really had a secure blog until this year.

Why did you start blogging?
Because I've always had a passion for blogging and I love to tell people about my life. Also I love to inspire people.

What's your (previous) blog 'little vogue book' about?
It was a fashion/beauty blog but it was really hard to keep up with both so I sadly deleted this blog #sorrynotsorry . But "This Hipster Writes" is still up!

I saw that you have a new blog too, tell us a little about thishipsterwrites!
It's a lifestyle blog. I just post whatever I want on there. Tips, fashion, diy's, journals, reviews, selfies etc.

What's the meaning behind your title of your blog?
This Hipster Writes - Everyone always calls me a hipster because of the way that I dress, and I love to write poetry and such. So I titled my blog This Hipster Writes.

What's your favorite blogs right now?
Yours of course! And I'm totally digging Hello, CathyThe Joys of Being Paige, And Laugh 'an Love.

If everything was free in this world, what would you do? or buy?
I would buy loads of makeup and clothes lol. Especially clothes from Forever 21, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, Rue 21, Top Shop, and Fresh Tops.

What's your advice for new bloggers?
Just be yourself, because I see a lot of bloggers trying to be other people. No one wants to see a copycat blog. < trust me! Make your blog unique then build off of that. I promise your hard work will pay off.

Tell us your favorite song that describe you or your life right now!
I think it would have to be "Live a Little" by Florrie because this summer I just want to let loose and LIVE A LITTLE! Just have fun and explore a bit.

Meet Azia of This Hispter Writes!

so that's it and I hope you check her out because she is friendly and awesome and she runs an amazing blog with amazing contents too! :)

Until the next one guys!

With love,

Intan Thalia


  1. Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun doing this. Maybe next time we could do a collab post!
    With Lots of Love,

  2. Thanks Azia for mentioning me in your interview! :)

    Cathy - hello, Cathy

  3. Love this it's a great idea! I'm also looking for new blogs to read and follow so this is perfect.
    Sarah xx