Sunday, June 8, 2014

Natural - No Make Up - Make up Look!

Hello guys! Today I thought I'll share my natural and no make up, make up look that I've been loving for everyday wear. It's crazy easy, this needs probably like 10 minutes - 15 minutes tops.Wearable for anywhere, like school, work and oh probably mostly when you are late to somewhere and you only have a little bit of time.. this will do! It'll make you look decent in the shortest time. So here's it:

1. Benefit Hello Flawless and Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation : I use these on my clean, moisturized face, Sometimes I use both or just one of them depends how my face, use any foundation that's easy to blend, and use hands to blend in, it'll save time.
2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer : I apply this under my eyes, all the imperfect spots, also on my eyes lid, with patting this product into your skin.
3. Maybelline Master Brow in grey color : Just use this on my brow, following my natural eyebrows, just fill the eyebrows in, avoid making the arch too high
4. Make Up Academy "Undress Me Too" Palette : Using my eyeshadow brush, I take the color "Lavish" from the palette and just apply it on my crease. I don't wear anymore eyeshadow, just this to add depth on my eyes. After applying, take your blending brush and just blend.
5. Revlon ColorStay Crayon Eyeliner in black brown : apply this on the lash line, apply this thicker on the end of the eye, then pick a blending brush or eye shadow brush then smudge it a little, so it doesn't look harsh and more natural also giving thicker lashes illusion. 
6. Maybelline The Magnum Volum Express Mascara : after curling my lashes and put powder on my lashes (for lashes to appear more fuller) I apply this mascara, I only use one coat to stick to natural look.
7. NYX LipLiner Pencil in Peek-a-Boo Natural and Make Over Lipgloss : I apply lipliner on my lips, the pink is so natural and pretty and add lipgloss on top of it.

So that's how I did it, and it turn out to be like something like this;

You barely can tell I put my make up on, and I don't know this is how it look like on the photo, in real life it's more visible in natural kind of way.

This is for today, I'll you guys very soon

With love,

Intan Thalia


  1. This is a awesome makeup look,I love this on you.
    Cute blog,hope youre going to check mine :)

    1. Thank you so much! I checked yours, love it xx

  2. you are looking gorgeous..would you like to follow each other on FB and G+..I WOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW YOU BACK..DO LET ME KNOW..

  3. I love the MUA palette! A neutral girls dream!xx

    Alex Georgie

  4. Beautiful look! You look like you hardly need makeup anyway - so pretty! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles UK Fashion & Beauty Blog