Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Things I learned throughout highschool

So this... definitely not a beauty post, this is kind of an advice post, I don't know.. I'm just kind of sharing these things that I know now.. how to get through highschool or what I wish I knew in highchool, I hope that maybe it can be helpful to some of you guys

First, learning is important. I am not a big believer on having fantastic grades is related to being successful in life. So, that's why I think I didn't put so much effort at school. I've seen a lot of people cheating for the sake of getting good grades. For me personally, you pay for school for its education, to get you to know things. I feel it now, I actually have to review things that I shouldve mastered in my junior year to get into university. For systems that only use transcript, well you gotta pay attention for that. I mean this whole grade and learn things is the point of highschool originally. It wouldn't hurt to be smart.

Second, It's okay to be you, however you are. I know we have these labels on people at highschool. I was the invisible. I actually have had people talking to someone when I was literally between them or being skipped on at a circle. That's me, and sometimes it feels like a punch in the gut but other times I feel safe not being seen. At the end of the day, you've got only you. Changing who you are to please people or to blend in doesn't worth a dime. I mean well, if you want to, I guess why not. changing isn't always bad. But to be what you are not and what you don't want to be for other people? always say no.

Third, What they say doesn't matter, I use to worry about a lot of crazy things. I don't wanna speak up in class because people will stare, uh.. yeah so what if they stare? they'll get over it. Worrying about my clothes, my bag, who I've been seen with, it's crazy. You should do whatever you want (that doesn't break the law and rules) and no one especially your peer group who has the same rights as you stopping you from doing something. They are just people, they don't actually care. People are gonna talk anyway, so there's no right or wrong if you wanna do things your way.

Fourth, It's okay not to get in relationship, one time I had to walk out of class because there are only couples sucking faces in the room. Yeah, it's the trending topic. Who gets who, what they do, what have they done. I actually am happy I've been spared from all those crap. I mean opportunities might come and it's easy to get in a relationship just because you want to be in one or people seem to expect you to do that because it seems like everyone is doing it, but it is fine to be single! yes all your highschool life. If you like him then go ahead but if you're looking for status? It's not worth it.

Fifth, Be civilized is important, just be polite you know. I don't meant to be two faced to people, but if you don't like someone, as honest as you are as a person. Just don't get in trouble, because you make it. I don't like several people in my school but we just don't go "Hey I don't like you, get lost" when they do something annoying. But if they make a move on you, then you have the right to do something about it.

Sixth, Be friends with who you want to be friends with, I have seen it, the highschool hierarchy. You can't be seen talking to these kind of friends because they will judge you the same. Like if you  are friends with the freak then you are one of them. I actually have had a close friend of mine who told me that. I was at shock. Ignore is the best thing to do because, you should be friends with who you are comfortable with and personality is all that matters. The labels are actually making people missing out on some amazing people.

So that's kind of 6 things that I learned in highschool, there are so much more like I can tell the lying signs or two faced backstabbing girls but I'll stick to that, it should be a basic knowledge to get through highschool.

That's what I can share today, see ya soon.
until the next guys

Intan Thalia

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