Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Body and Face Works!

Hello guys! Welcome to my first beauty post ever.
So these are products that I use to clean my face and body daily. I think these brands are so easy to find so if you are interested, I believe you can get it in almost anywhere in the world.

So anyway, let's get started, the first one is Bioderma. This product cleanses, remove make up and soothe the skin. The first time I knew about this is probably from Tanya Burr's video on youtube when she went to Paris with Fleur. I got it when I was in Singapore with my friends when we went to the drugstore, I saw it and I just bought it right away. They have much bigger bottle than what I have there but I decided to buy that one because I just wanted to try if it really as awesome as the rumors claim it to be. Well, I think it works really well on my face, it's so easy, just in one swipe I can feel my make up coming off. It doesn't feel harsh on the skin and it has no oil and fragrance either. Although, It doesn't get that easy when it comes to waterproof mascara but I'll take it. So, if you get the chance, just give it a try!

The next one is my all time favorite toner. This one is The body Shop Vit. E Hydrating Toner, I use it after I wash my face and this toner takes off all the dirt that my face wash can't get so this is so useful for a deep cleansing. Two things that I love about this product is that it hydrates the skin, so it's kind of moisturizing your face while cleaning your face at the same time, and it feels refreshing! it has a lovely smell to it, kind of flowery and also it doesn't contain any alcohol (unlike most toners that I've used) so it doesn't feel harsh at all on skin and you can use it anytime. However, this product doesn't do great for make up remover, you have to swipe it over and over again before you feel it really is clean but other than that, it does do the job on cleaning the face!

This is my face wash for almost two years now, it's The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash. This one prevents blemishes and also cures it. When you rub it on your face for a little bit, you'll feel a bit hot on your face (I'd like to think that happens when it works the magic) and it has definitely strong fragrance to it that I wish I could avoid but the result of this face wash makes it all worth it. I definitely have a clearer skin after I use this but also It will dry your face because it's aimed for oily skin that cause blemishes but I have a combination skin so it's good that I apply the hydrating toner after this.

The last is my new favorite body wash, I got it when I was in Singapore, I went to Bath and Body Works and went a bit crazy over there because we don't have it here in Indonesia. I literally couldn't smell anything when I got out of there. This shower gel is called Velvet Sugar. It has vitamin E in it, it definitely smells amazing! I'd recommend this for those who like the sweet smell and the packaging and the color is just so cute! haha it had me at pink color. It works some magic on my skin, it gets my skin looks healthier it definitely moisturize it and leave a really good smell on it. I really can't get over how much a fan I am of how this shower gel smells. it's sooo good.

So that's it for right now. Leave your comment if you have tried these products and have the different experience or if you loved one of these products too. I hope this is useful for you guys who are looking for something new to try.

see ya really soon!!

With love,

Intan Thalia

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