Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Hello guys!
I'm back with another review, I've reviewed like bunch of things of cleansing product like a week ago which you can find it here. Today though, I'm gonna tell you about my favorite concealer in the whole world. This one is from Collection (Previously Collection 2000).
It's called Lasting Perfection and guys it is perfection.

The first time I've heard about this, surely from one of beauty guru from UK because the first time I purchased this product is in the drugstore in UK (I believe it was Edinburgh). Well, the product come with this little tube and as you can see in the picture I've repurchased this when I was in Singapore and go to the drugstore and I just can't believe they have it there and just bought it right away. Unfortunately we still don't have it here yet in Indonesia.

This concealer is really like thick and creamy and I love that because I've had a bad experience with a liquid concealer that comes a bit too runny and when I spread and dab it into my skin it just does nothing. The thickness and creaminess of this concealer is amazing, because it's so easy to blend in still but it has a really good coverage for blemishes, redness and under eye. Some concealers are great for redness and blemishes but can't do really well with under eye darkness but this one is perfect for everything also for eyeshadow base.

My shade is the darkest shade of all, so that means it only has 4 shades to choice (fair, light, medium and deep). This one blends perfectly for me but sometime I feel like it's even a bit lighter (happens when your country has sun all year long haha) but it's not too bad because it makes my eyes look awake.

And actually, I have never really counted for the exact 16 hours but it does last for a very long time, I've gone out during the day and come home at night and I saw it hang on my skin pretty well, it kind of fade a bit, but not too much that it still covers everything, just not like the first hours after you applied it.

I'd recommend it for anyone really. It's one of the must-have, well if not the must-have then it's definitely on the must-try category if you haven't tried it. It really helps a lot when you just don't want to wear lots of make up but you want to cover up a bit and you just apply this and you're good to go.

so that's for now people!
see ya soon

with love,

Intan Thalia

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  1. I love this concealer as well! I have it in light but I think it's a bit too orangey for me, I'm going to see if fair is better aha :) x