Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Official day where my high school life ends.

hello guys!
So I'm back and I want to let you know what happen in my life just right now.
Well just a couple of hours earlier I was at school for the announcement of graduation. Since where I live has a system that requires us to take tests of six subjects at school, it's called a national exam. All the test questions are from the government, the department of education and a few are from Universities. Don't ask. It was hard as hell (more than we expected), I didn't take it too seriously and I wasn't too sure that I would be graduating because one subject that really kicked me in the butt.

Well the announcement at my school was really dramatic, the teachers crying and actually acting to make us think there's one of us who doesn't pass which turned out that no one is not graduating from this year just like all the years before. So that's really good.
Anyway, It was a bit emotional too realizing that this is it! the official last day that I'm wearing that uniform (yes we have the uniform from Monday to Friday). All these years I was trying to fast forward to this moment, and now I'm signing things for people to see, telling them goodbyes for highschool. (on the photo it wasn't me signing, if you're wondering, I'm the one on the center on the group photo haha) However, I was expecting you know... fireworks and all that stuff but really. It didn't feel as if my life stopped for a second and bam bam bam! It feels exactly like, life keeps moving on.

I never work hard at school, I'm not a bright kid, I've never been so motivated to do good at school. I get yelled at by my parents because of my grades, my friends... I'll tell about them later so... yeah... really.
But it wasn't exactly an unpleasant experience for me, but sometimes i feel like it's all just one big blurry moments of my life. I got a lot of things from highschool, more than all the teachers could teach me.
Anyway, I love my highschool moments, the places I have ever been, the people that I've met. So, today, I'm grateful. Even though, I still don't know where I'm going now.. I hope I'll go far because I feel like I'm on the gate of millions opportunities. I hope I'm right.
by the way I'm excited for next week because.... well! Prom!
Anyway, I'll tell ya more about it!

but for now, ciao!

with love,

Intan Thalia

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